Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement

Celebrity Guests: Coco Chiang, Cherry Leong, Kaki Leung, Thor Lok

HAPPY WEDNESDAY LIVE & Consume to Pay It Forward

HONG KONG, Jan. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM) organized by Fullness Social Enterprise Society (FSES) enters its 9th year anniversary.

The programme aims to raise awareness and support the sustainability of social enterprises (SEs) in Hong Kong.

In response to this year’s theme, “Consume To Pay It Forward”, a series of promotional activities have been launched, including a shopping rewards program and an SE pre-order e-platform – TECM MALL.

Recently, four “Happy Wednesday Live” was held, during which celebrity guests Ms. Coco Chiang, Ms. Cherry Leong, Ms. Kaki Leung, and Mr. Thor Lok and SE founders talked about their work at their social enterprises including their mission and service group in addition to their products, and instant discounts for consumers through the live show.

Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement
Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement

TECM MALL – One-stop pre-ordering platform for SE products officially launched

Due to the pandemic, TECM has launched a brand new one-stop pre-ordering e-platform TECM MALL, which centralizes numerous SE products for your selection. You can pre-order SE products easily from just one website.

This is particularly helpful given that Lunar New Year is just around the corner.

You can shop and support SEs conveniently and comfortably at home, making your gifts extra meaningful! Better yet, you can also pre-order “Gifting 1+1” gift sets on TECM MALL, where you can use one price to buy two sets of the same products; one set for yourself or friends and relatives, and the other set for local underprivileged.

SEs will cooperate with the organizer – FSES to hand out gifts to the local underprivileged before the Chinese New Year, so that they can also feel warmth during these rough times!

Live Show with Celebrity Guests

A unique SE product selling experience

In view of the impact of COVID-19, TECM promptly caught up with the hot trend of “live commerce”. Happy Wednesday Live was held on four consecutive Wednesdays, with one-of-a-kind contents showcasing unique SE products.

Not only did the show invite celebrity guests Ms. Coco Chiang, Ms. Cherry Leong, Ms. Kaki Leung, and Mr. Thor Lok, but also various SE founders presented to introduce services and products they offered.

Through various themes of the live show, audience were encouraged to consume more ethically by supporting SEs, so that the SEs can continue to operate despite the pandemic and allow more disadvantaged communities to thrive. Thus, it is vital and meaningful for us to “Consume To Pay It Forward”!

Happy Wednesday Live’s Premiere:
Theme: Parenting – Love to Play
Celebrity Guest: Coco Chiang
Participating SEs: Nature Bathing, People on Board, Anew Toys

The first Happy Wednesday Live was held with both a celebrity and a mother Ms. Coco Chiang along with founders of three SEs, including William from Nature Bathing, Thomas from People on Board, and Paul from Anew Toys.

They talked about their relationship with children; Coco said that her pandemic period with children was very challenging. The question of what and how to play with children was a headache she said.

Fortunately, the three SE founders were able to help and provide solutions to her questions – for example, SE sending material kits for children to play and learn at home during this period.

Coco was indeed impressed by their ideas and encourage the SEs to keep it up!

Nature Bathing

Being one with nature, Nature Bathing hopes to relieve the pressure of urban residents in Hong Kong and promote environmental education. Nature Bathing introduced the “Nature Jewel Box” (natural animal and plant specimens), which brings nature to our homes during the pandemic. The SE also held classes online on Zoom to teach and share the knowledge of nature.

Coco shared her interesting exposure in Africa, where she found that children enjoyed nature and loved different native creatures. Seeing the different leaves, fruits and shells in the Nature Jewel Box, Coco also shared her experience of picking up shells with her kids!

People on Board

People on Board designs and publishes local style table games suitable for families to enhance parent-child relationship, preventing video game addiction, whilst promoting local cultural creation and create employment opportunities. During the pandemic, People on Board gave away more than 2,000 board games to low-income families, so that their children could also enjoy better parent-child activities. An online store was also launched to introduce their board game called “MTR”.

Coco said her children also play video games, but she would also try to take them out to have other experiences, discover their interests, and reduce the chances of video game addiction.

Anew Toys

Anew Toys encourages children to share toys and teaches them to make their own, which gives a full play experience to children, stimulating their creative, whilst boosting their self-worth.

Countless classes were suspended or cancelled due to COVID-19. Anew Toys countered this by sending necessities to students’ homes and other institutions so that children can continue class, whilst developing their own toys at home.

Coco believed that children have endless imagination. She shared a funny experience of her kid who thought adhesive tapes have strange powers that can fix every damaged item. Her daughter would make different toys by herself, and gave her DIY toy cars to her younger brother. Coco agreed that in no way should adults limit children’s imagination and creativity.

2nd Happy Wednesday Live:
Theme: Health – Love Myself
Celebrity Guest: Cherry Leong
Participating SEs: Silver Yoga, Eldershop, Adaptive Clothing

The second Happy Wednesday Live was held with dream interpreter Cherry, and three SE founders including Cindy from Silver Yoga, Joyce from Eldershop and Swing from Adaptive Clothing sharing multiple stories.

Other than conveying the message of caring for the people around us, the show also had Cherry sharing stress reducing methods. Hopefully after the show, everyone would have a more mindful and awareness towards improving their body, mind, and soul.

Silver Yoga

Silver Yoga designs and offer chair-yoga courses particularly for the elderly to achieve comprehensive physical and mental health stimulation.

It is true that yoga is suitable for people of different ages. So far the oldest student of Silver Yoga is 92 years old. We should encourage the elderly in the family to develop the habit of regular low intensity exercises to improve physical and mental health.

Cindy, the founder of Silver Yoga, said that some of the elderly have more common topics to discuss with family after participating in the yoga classes.

Silver Yoga specially invited an elderly student Qing to demonstrate chair-yoga. Monita mentioned that having adequate exercise or movement is the key to not only physical but also mental health. She encourages the elderly to do moderate exercise.




The Eldershop promotes employment within the elderly, by providing suitable working environment and employment opportunities for the elderly who are financially needy or have dreams of self-accomplishment at an older age. The SE’s daily maintenance is in the care of mainly the elderly. For example, they make the pastries themselves. The wolfberry and red date cake served there is made by an 82-year-old senior.

People could feel the warmth and care from the elderly every time they visit the Eldershop. Cherry also agrees that everyone is responsible for always caring for the elderly at home and spending more time with them.

Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive Clothing employs retirees to design and make special clothing for the elderly, the disabled and chronically ill patients. The design meets their special needs and thus reduces the pressure of caregivers and keeps the elderly home comfortably and safely during the pandemic.

Their founder, Swing shared the story of a middle-aged poor man whose mother was suffering from cancer. The man hoped that Adaptive Clothing would not only make an exclusive hat for mother, but also produce them in large quantities to help more people in need.

3rd Happy Wednesday Live:
Theme: Food & Drink – Love to Share
Celebrity Guest: Kaki Leung
Participating SEs: Amity, TI FARM, FairTaste

At the third Happy Wednesday Live, celebrity guest Kaki Leung shared her organic diet and tips for a healthier lifestyle with Martin from Amity, Raymond from TI FARM, and Haylie from FairTaste. Kaki expressed her appreciation towards SEs that help working class women and the elderly with employment, which in turn helps them regain confidence and give them opportunities to communicate with others.


Amity advocates the spirit of “food for good”. Consumers can help promote the employment of retired elders, working class women and disadvantaged groups through the purchase of Amity’s food series.

Amity also allocates part of its proceeds for local poverty alleviation or community work to reduce the living burden of low-income families. Kaki highly appreciates their charitable work and what they stand for.


TI FARM utilizes indoor hydroponic planting technology and is mainly run by ex-mentally ill persons. It aims to provide employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

Kaki discovers that the working environment of TI FARM is also very desirable for persons in recovery, giving them a great sense of success and satisfaction. She agrees working in such environment could help them regain self-confidence and increase opportunities for communication with others.


As the first fair trade brand in Hong Kong, the products launched by FairTaste are based on the principles of fair trade, local production, and no additives. FairTaste employs low-income women in Kwai Tsing District to make food. This act adds local elements into fair trade.

Through the live webcast, Kaki learnt more about fair trade, and hoped to encourage the notion of “Consume To Pay It Forward” with everyone.

Happy Wednesday Live Finale:
Theme: Sustainability – Love Earth
Celebrity Guest: Thor Lok
Participating SEs: YM FLEUR – Green One – Dyelicious

Happy Wednesday Live concluded with several great guests on its final episode. Thor Lok, who’s married to a environmentalist, shared his tips to integrate environmental protection into everyday life with three SE founders- YM FLEUR, Green One, and Dyelicious. Influenced by his partner, Thor admitted that it is difficult to live a 100% eco-friendly lifestyle, but he will try his best to be as environmentally friendly as possible. For instance, he brings his own reusable drinking straw and prepares own tableware for takeout. When it comes to supporting SEs, he bluntly said that spending on them is the most practical and direct support.


YM FLEUR advocates recycling and making the best use of materials. It hires low-income women whose duties are to recycle flowers and refine them. Understandably, they can acquire new employment skills and develop creativity, paving the way for future career development.

YM FLEUR believes that flowers can heal people’s body and mind, relieve stress, enhance concentration and creativity. Are you curious on whether Thor has handcrafted any special gifts for his wife?

Green One

Green One specializes in the design and development of sustainable products. It is committed to integrating sustainable and humane design into products. Planting environmental protection messages in products, Green One aims to encourage people to lead a eco-friendly lifestyle, take the initiative in waste reduction, and become one of their green members!

Influenced by his environmentalist partner, Thor has cultivated the habit of bringing his own drinking straw. Coincidentally, the key product of Green One happens to be a detachable drinking straw that is easy to carry.


As the first natural leftover dyeing workshop in Hong Kong, Dyelicious brings kitchen waste dyes to various countries. It aims to tackle the problems caused by chemical dyeing and provide natural dyeing solutions as a way to raise awareness.

Dyelicious is committed to spreading the story of food and the art of dyeing. Its products, being stylish, pretty, and eco-friendly at the same time, are great proof that it is not difficult to integrate environmental protection into everyday life.

About FSES

Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) was set up by the Fullness Christian Social Enterprises (FCSE) as a non-profit organization in 2011. Its mission is to promote the social entrepreneurship development and city transformation in Hong Kong for societal betterment through a team of pracademic and knowledge volunteers. Its scope includes research, experiment, create, publish, educate and provide consultation on social entrepreneurship.

About TECM

Organised by FSES, Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM) 2020 enters its 9th anniversary. The whole movement spans over a six-month period which has begun and will run until 28th February 2021. Gathering over 100 SEs in the fields of F&B, entertainment, shopping, personal and corporate services, TECM promotes a series of public activities to encourage consumer to support SEs. “SE x Corporate” collaboration is another goal of TECM, with corporate/ organizations achieving their corporate social responsibility through collaboration with SEs.

For more details, please visit www.tecm.hk or
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TitheEthicalConsumptionMovement/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tecm_official/

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