Singapore, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ Mamoru Marketing in Singapore is introducing a new product to protect families in 2021.

The big brother of the EA Mask, the Ecom Mask 030 Plus Disinfection Air Purifier has 10 unique features that differentiate itself from the competition.

It is the world’s first professional-grade intelligent CIO2 air purification machine that will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, smoke, odors, and more, ensuring the users and their families will be breathing the best air of their lives.

The Ecom Mask 030 Disinfection Air Purifier
The Ecom Mask 030 Disinfection Air Purifier

With the largest coverage of 1,000 square feet (the size of a 4 room HDB apartment), it uses 4-in-1 filtration technology, as well as displays that will show users the exact number of days to change the filters. The display will even show users immediately in precise PM2.5 recordings how the air quality has improved. It can even be wall-mounted to save space and is whisper-quiet at 25db.

Customers can bring the machine home for an introductory price of just S$1,280 (usual price S$1,800) which also includes a free Care Kit worth S$119.

Mamoru is implementing a monthly rental scheme so the users can enjoy the Ecom Mask 030 Plus Disinfection Air Purifier’s benefits at just S$70 a month with a minimum 3-month contract.

4-in-1 filtration technology

The Ecom Mask 030 Plus Disinfection Air Purifier’s 4-in-1 filtration technology is designed to destroy pollutants through a first-of-its-kind system. The primary filter is an anti-bacterial nano premium filter that absorbs dust, pollen and spores. The next layer is ECOM’s revolutionary CIO2 molecule release technology.

Without turning on the machine, the CIO2 molecule generation eliminates both pollutants & odor from bacteria, formaldehydes and mold.

The third layer is the 12-meter HEPA filter. The panel-fold fast eliminates allergens, formaldehydes, smoke smell, & chemicals from the home.

The fourth filter is the negative ioniser, which can be switched on or off. The front-loaded 8 fan wheels provide the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) at 870 metre cube per hour when operating at maximum fan speed.

Lastly, the device comes with a humidifier, which is triggered when humidity falls below 45%, giving skin the moisture it needs to keep it soft and supple. The Ecom Mask 030 Plus Disinfection Air Purifier includes an aroma diffuser so the users can enjoy the dual benefits of aromatherapy with fresh clean air.

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