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The new Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennet, has made his promise to unite the nation, as it is frayed with the years of political stalemate. He says his government will work for the people. Their priorities will also be reforming education, health, and cutting red tape.

The right-wing nationalist is going to lead an unprecedented coalition of the parties who have won a confidence vote. He is also succeeding Benjamin Netanyahu, who has left his position after 12 years.

The leader of the Yamina party, Mr. Bennett, will be the prime minister until 2023 as part of the power-sharing deal. Then he will hand the power to Yair Lapid, the head of the centrist Yesh Atid party, for two more years. Mr. Netanyahu, who is the longest-serving prime minister of Israel, will remain the head of the right-wing Likud party. He has become the leader of the opposition. During a debate on Sunday in the Knesset in Jerusalem, Mr. Netanyahu promised: “We’ll be back.”

The new coalition got approval with 60 votes to 59 with one abstention. As the voting took place, Mr. Netanyahu walked to Mr. Bennett and shook his hand. In his speech, Mr.Bennett said, this is not a day for mourning. Rather it is a change of government in the democracy.

He continued, “We will do all we can so that no one should have to feel afraid… And I say to those who intend to celebrate tonight, don’t dance on the pain of others. We are not enemies; we are one people.”

The representatives of the Palestinians have come up with their dismissive reaction to the new government. According to a spokesman of the Palestinian Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas, this is an internal Israeli affair. Also, their position has always been clear. However, they want a Palestinian state on 1967 borders with Jerusalem as their capital.

The spokesman for Hamas says it is more like an occupation and a colonial entity. They would also resist it with their force to get their right back. US President Joe Biden has sent his congratulations to Mr. Bennett, saying that he is looking forward to strengthening their close bilateral relationship.

As the confidence vote got the announcement, Netanyahu went and sat back in the prime minister’s chair. He had to be in the opposition benches instead. It was a movement for political history. Also, he is not going anywhere for now. He will stay in the opposition chair and try to pull apart the overthrow.

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