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The government of England is considering the delay in lifting the remaining covid lockdown, restricting it for one more month. The final stage of lifting the lockdown of England originally had the plan to end on 21 June. However, the delay is coming amidst the growing concerns over the rapidly increasing cases. At the same time, there is higher transmissibility for the Delta variant. However, there is no final decision that has been made yet.

The data is still getting the examination ahead of a final announcement. It is scheduled for Monday. At the same time, a senior government source is stressing that the government was considering the “options-plural” for step four of the roadmap of England.

The pushing of this date back would allow the vaccination program to take an impactful effect. The rollout among the younger age groups is still going on. The last part for ending this lockdown of England will see the reopening of nightclubs and an end to the performance restrictions. It will also end the restrictions on weddings and other life events. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing mounting pressure to push back the 21 June date. The British Medical Association has also joined the public health officials in calling for a delay.

BMA council chairman Dr. Chaand Nagpaul has said, “It’s not just about the number of hospitalizations, but also the risk to the health of large numbers of younger people, who can suffer long-term symptoms.”

However, it has also been heard that the vaccination program has broken the link between infections and hospitalization. But the truth is, it has weakened it. In the winter, about 1 in 10 Covid infections went for the hospital admission. Now with the rising admissions, the early data is suggesting that it may be close to the one in 20.

If in this way, the increasing infection continues, then we could see 2000 admissions a day. This is twice what the NHS would normally see in the winter. Most of the admissions are seeming to be among the younger people this time. It makes sense as there are very low numbers of people who are having the double jab. There is a lot of uncertainty.

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