June Lockdown
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No data suggests that England’s end of June Lockdown on the 21st might get the delay.” I don’t think we will move the date,”- said Kwasi Kwarteng. However, he added that the scientific evidence might change. Some of the scientists believe that the reopening data need to be delayed until the people get full vaccination.

Most people in the hospital at Bolton are only having one dose. Dr. Helen Wall, who works on Bolton’s vaccine program, says, “We have a significant number of 30 and 40-year-olds going into [to the hospital], and they’ve only really just in recent times become eligible.”

The variant which has recently come from Indian is now responsible for one of the three-quarters of new Covid cases here. The Indian Variant cases have their main focus in the Bolton hotspot. Also, the focus is on Bedford, Darwen, and Blackburn. However, most of the parts of the country now have a small number of cases.

Some of the health experts, such as Prof Christina Pagel, believe that the 21st of June should be delayed. It is better to delay until the majority of the population is having their two doses. Currently, 45.6% of the adult population in the UK has had their second vaccination shot. It is around 24 million people. This proportion is rising by 5% per week.

The country is only two months away from achieving this target. On the other hand, Prof Andrew Hayward, a member of the Sage advisory group, has some other thoughts on it. He thinks that there is a gold argument for this causing until they get the higher population with double vaccination. Dr. Mike Tildesley thinks the lockdown can have a delay to help them with the vaccination.

The cases will continue to rise in the UK if the lockdown eases. But the Government is saying that the most vital thing to see is how it is affecting the number of patients in hospitals.

Mr. Kwarteng sees nothing to delay this June Lockdown on the 21st. In case scientific data points out any increased hospitalization rate, and risk then they will discuss the moving of the date. As of now, there is no reason visible to move the date. But he cannot guarantee it. The government will sell the legal limits for the removal of the social content, nightclubs, and restrictions on 21 June.

The prime minister said England “may need to wait” for the lifting of all the restrictions. However, there is no current data that suggests the delay.

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