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The Taliban have reportedly raised their flag above the key border. They have hoisted the Taliban flag between Afghanistan and Pakistan, which now they claim to be in their control. The videos have been shared on social media, which show the white flower is fluttering above the Spin Boldak crossing near Kandahar.

The Afgan officials have denied the posts. However, the picture shows that the militants are chatting with the Pakistani border guards. As per the reports, the Taliban took the border crossing without any resistance.

The militants have made some rapid advances in the country. They have seized a series of border posts from the Afgan forces, which includes Tajikistan, Iran, and Turkmenistan. It also comes after the US withdrew its forces from Afghanistan after the deadline that Biden has set.

The militants have made rapid moves in the country. The Taliban got the push to get out of power due to the US invasion 20 years ago. They have also seized control of several key roads. They are looking to cut off the supply route to some major cities.

The border post is in the Afgan town of Spin Boldak in the Kandahar province. On the other hand, the Pakistani town Chaman is another busy crossing between the two countries. It links the city of Kandahar with the ports of Pakistan. It sees nearly 900 trucks that pass through each day.

This crossing would be a major prize both strategically and symbolically if the Taliban continues to hold it. It will also give them much significant customs revenue from the trade flow. It will give them direct access to the various areas in Pakistan, where the Taliban members are basing for many years.

In a statement, Zabihullah Mujahid of the Taliban told the traders and the residents that they will pay them the security. But the Afgan interior spokesperson Tareq Arian said that as there are “some movements near the border… security forces have repelled the attack”.

Afghan forces are struggling for a long time to halt the advance of the group in the country. It has also sped up from the 2020 deal that struck with former US President Donald Trump.

Under the terms of that deal, the US and its NATO allies have agreed to withdraw all troops in return for the commitment from the militants. They must not allow any extremist groups to operate in their areas.

Credits: BBC

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