Kinmen island
Kinmen island

You must be aware that the situation between China and Taiwan is tense right now as it has been ever since President Tsai Ing-Wen took oath as the President of Taiwan. China believes that President Tsai is a separatist, which is the reason why it wants to “reunite” Taiwan with its own country, as it already believes that Taiwan belongs to them. Between all this, now the Taiwanese officials are starting to think about how they will defend Taiwan if China is to invade the country suddenly. This is because US believes that China is very close to invading Taiwan in a exercise which it calls as “reunification”.

Talking about the defense from Taiwan to China’s aggression, it is worth noting that a Taiwanese official believes that it “basically impossible” to defend the island of Kinmen from China if the Chinese are to attack their island nation. It is also worth noting that many Taiwanese believe that they are “sitting ducks” in front of China as Taiwan is located just 4 miles away from China and if China wants, they can have Taiwan whenever they want.

While there is military presence from Taiwan on the Kinmen island, it is worth noting that the defense would be very poor when compared to the offensive that China would impose on them. It is seen that there were drones hovering over the military installations at the Kinmen island and one video that has now surfaced even showed the soldiers throwing stones at the drones so as to move them away. This means that China has already done surveillance of the military positions on the Kinmen island and it now knows exactly what the defense from Taiwan would be like.

You should also take note of the fact that China’s coast can be basically seen from the Kinmen island which currently belongs to Taiwan. This means that if China wants then it can just send a few warships to the Kinmen island and take control of it at any time. This will also be the plan of China’s President Xi whenever they decide to “reunite” with Taiwan.

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