Taiwan jets
Taiwan jets

We all know how tense the situation between China and Taiwan is right now, and the involvement of the US, along with the signing of multiple agreements such as the exchange of arms and others, is not helping the situation at all. This is the reason why China is feeling the need to show Taiwan that they can take control of the island nation whenever they want. Due to this reason, we have also seen how Chinese aircraft and fighter jets are seen near the Taiwan Strait and very close to the Taiwan mainland as well.

Now, we have a report where Chinese war party has crossed the median line set between Taiwan and China which is not be crossed under any circumstances otherwise Taiwan will have to scramble their fighter jets in order to shoo away the Chinese, or any other, parties entering the zone. Officials from Taiwan have claimed that “24 Chinese fighter jets and bombers in the air, but only 10 crossed the median line”. China have also deployed 4 warships for “joint combat readiness patrols” and this is mere days after China’s 37 warplanes entered the Taiwanese air defence zone.

It is worth noting that this aggression from China started last year when the then-US Speaker Nency Pelosi visited Taiwan and held talks. Ever since then, China has started military drills in the Taiwan Strait and have showed Taiwan that they can do whatever they want as they have the force as well as ability. US Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin, speaking to the press, said “The whole world has a stake in maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. The security of commercial shipping lanes and global supply chains depends on it. And so does freedom of navigation worldwide. Make no mistake: conflict in the Taiwan Strait would be devastating.” It is worth noting that even though the US has been constantly supporting Taiwan in its fight against China, it has still maintained the official diplomatic ties with China as well which means that they are trying to be in two boats at the same time which can’t end well for any party.

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