US COVID-19 Spread

Taiwan’s list of countries assigned a Level 3 travel warning has increased by 43 in recent hours.

An announcement by Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) added the 43 to European nations and other east Asian countries to take the current tally to 76 nations worldwide.

Level 3 travel warnings discourage unnecessary trips and require returnees to undergo 14 days of quarantine.

Punishments for those breaking quarantine upon return has now also been increased. In recent days fines were limited to anywhere between NT $100,000 to NT S1 million. Any future violations will also see those concerned having their names publicized.

Furthermore, those traveling to Level 3 nations will not be included in a NT $1,000 per day compensation payment package during the period of quarantine upon return.

European nations and other popular destinations for Taiwanese including South Korea, China and Iran are already on the list.

Somewhat controversially, however, no mention has been made online by the CECC regarding visitors from the US.

At time of release, America had in excess of 4,700 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with almost 100 deaths from the disease. This number is believed higher than any of the 43 new Level 3 nations targeted by Taiwan. The majority of these deaths have occurred in the Pacific northwest state of Washington.

The full list of 43 nations, including Russia, the UAE, and Turkey can be seen on Taiwan Centers For Disease Control Site


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