Taiwan Foreign Minister
Taiwan Foreign Minister

We all know how the situation is between China and the US as well as the ongoing discussions regarding China’s possible actions to reclaim Taiwan as it believes Taiwan to belong to its own territory. Due to that reason, Taiwan’s ruling party which strongly opposes any involvement from China on their island nation, is trying to get as much support behind them as possible. It was seen that Taiwan’s President recently made a short trip to the Americas where she made a halt in the US and also signed a few deals. Now, it is worth noting that the US does not officially recognize Taiwan but they have kept supporting the island nation against China in the last few years.

Dare we say, the US is one of the main reasons why China has not yet been able to get back into Taiwan even though it wants to as that could mean a war-like situation between the US and China. Talking about the current administration of Taiwan, it is reported that the Taiwan Foreign Minister is likely to visit Europe next week. It is reported that Taiwan’s Joseph Wu will announce this visit “and is expected to appear with the Czech president at one event in a diplomatic breakthrough”.

One of the sources told Reuters that “Wu will attend a security conference in Prague on June 14, and is due to speak immediately after Czech President Petr Pavel opens the event. This would be highly unusual given European leaders generally do not share the stage with senior Taiwanese officials”. European External Action Service said that “It is not for us to communicate about third partners’ visits and activities”

As we mentioned earlier, Taiwan wants to get as much support from the European countries as it can to show China that they are not alone. At the moment, just the Vatican supports Taiwan and has official diplomatic relations but it is worth noting that “Central and Eastern European countries have been particularly keen to show support for Taiwan” after what is happening to Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Taiwan’s Presidential elections are due early next year as well.

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