Taiwan-China ties compared to ‘bastard and daddy relationship’ by Han Kuo-Yu


We know that the things are heating up in Taiwan’s political scene because of the Taiwan Presidential Elections coming early next year. You must have seen that the preparations for next year’s elections are in full swing and so are the campaigns from Presidential Candidates. However, the most controversial Presidential Candidate in next year’s election has to be Han Kuo-yu.

Han is a Kuomintang candidate and he has come up with controversy once again. We know that Han is an advocate of China and wants Taiwan to have strong relations with China once again. Also, he claims that he will bring much more tourists from China in the next five years if he becomes the Taiwan President.

However, Han has now stirred up a huge controversy while comparing relations between Taiwan and China. Han reportedly said that Taiwan and China relations are like a ‘bastard and daddy relationship’ while calling China the daddy in this relationship. KMT candidate was attending a forum named Facing Yourself in Taipei on Sunday.

He was asked by a student if Han was an advocate of signing a “peace treaty” with China. To this, Han replied that “it is boring to stress [Taiwan’s] sovereignty”. If this wasn’t enough, he added that “Cross-strait relations are like a bastard and daddy relationship”. Obviously, he did not clarify who he calls daddy and bastard in his analogy but we can all agree that it is a terrible thing to say for President-hopeful candidate.

Han’s spokesperson tried to control damage and clarified that his comments meant that “cross-strait relations are not a zero-sum game,”. However, he also stirred up another controversy by saying that people calling China as “bastard” as anti-Communist China while those who don’t curse China love it or call it “Daddy”. However, Han was asked to clarify on the subject by media where he skipped three questions in a row and said that it was “just an analogy” talking about his earlier comments.

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