The Government of Sudan says the people connected to the failed coup attempt have links to the ousted president Omar al-Bashir.

A spokesman blamed “forces of darkness”. He further added that those people who are having involvement, in this case, have been arrested. Bashir was in power for at least three decades. The country he toppled three years ago.

The current administration involves civilian representations, military, and protest groups. Then it established apart for a power-sharing agreement.

The coup plotters have tried to take over the building of housing. The earlier reports from the capital Khartoum and nearby Omdurman have described the intense activity of the military. It shut the main bridge across the River Nile. The roads to ports and Khartoum have also been blocked due to this incident.

“We’re not going back… people are trying to turn back the hands of time,” said Information Minister Hamza Baloul in a statement. He has blamed “remnants” of the old regime for the failed putsch of Tuesday.

He added that “forces of darkness were targeting the revolution” started with mass popular protests against ex-President Bashir, but he said government bodies would work as the “first line of defense” to protect Sudan’s transition.

Several coup attempts have taken place in Sudan in the years since the ousting of President Bashir. The media is monitoring the service reports. There is also an ongoing tension within the Sovereign Council. It will have oversight as a return to civilian rule. Some are also claiming that the security lapses in the various parts of the country may be a military attempt to block the power from transferring to civilians.

Correspondents say that the elements in the military are behind the several days of protest in Sudan and the west of the country. The government of Sudan says that the situation in the country is now under control.

The video footage from Tuesday mornings shows the armored vehicle on the streets of the city. Mohammad Hashim, a journalist for Sudan TV in Khartoum, added that Bashir loyalists have an accusation for the coup.

The traditional government of Sudan is under pressure to deliver its political and economic reforms amidst the competing demands of liberals and conservatives.

Credits: BBC

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