Premier Su Tseng-chang
Premier Su Tseng-chang

President Tsai today announced the official re-appointment of Premier Su Tseng-chang who will continue to lead the nation’s cabinet following her May 20th inauguration ceremony.

Whilst the ceremony marking the beginning of Tsai’s second period as president is to be scaled back, her praise of Premier Su was anything but.

In a statement released by the Central News Agency earlier today, the president said “Over the past year, Premier Su has had many outstanding achievements. I hereby announce that I have invited him to stay on as premier so we can continue fighting for Taiwan together.”

Calling the premier her closest comrade-in-arms according to the same report, the pair will continue to lead the nation until 2024.

In response, the 72-year-old Premier Su said “My life-long goal is to see Taiwan shine and recognized across the world.”

This is a goal slowly being realized on the back of the COVID-19 crisis that has seen Taiwan make headlines around the world.

Infection numbers are still extremely low across Taiwan compared to elsewhere, and with only six deaths registered throughout the pandemic, Taiwan’s bid for recognition at the World Health Organization is gaining momentum thanks to the backing of the US, Australia and other politically influential nations.

President Tsai in her announcement made mention of COVID-19 as a top priority but cast one eye to the future saying she is intent on “reinvigorating Taiwan’s economy” according to CNA.

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