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The former South African President Jacob Zuma has surrendered himself to the police. He prepares himself to begin a 15-month sentence for contempt of court. The Police Ministry Spokesperson Lirandzu Themba has confirmed later that Zuma was in the police custody of the South African Police Service. 

It took place after the announcement from his foundation that he had decided to comply with the incarceration order of the Constitutional Court. The former President got his sentence on June 29 to 15 months of spending behind bars as he failed to appear before a corruption inquiry. It took place on time in the office between 2009-2018. 

Jacob Zuma refused to hand himself on Sunday. He got the initial order from the highest court of the court. His lawyer has also filed two of the bids to the courts for delaying the execution of the arrest. 

His supporters have rallied outside the Nkandla residence in the KwaZulu- Natal. The protestors are vowing to prevent the police from having access to the former leader.

The foundation said on Wednesday, “Please be advised that President Zuma has decided to comply with the incarceration order.” 

The foundation also said that he is on his way to hand himself to the Correctional Services facility in KZN. 

Zuma is facing a litany of legal troubles. He also pleaded for being not guilty in the last month in a separate corruption trial. It focuses on the arms deal that took place in 1999 during his serving as a deputy president. He also denied all the allegations imposed on him for a long time.

Zuma was ousted in 2018 after the internal discord within the ruling African National Congress. It took place against the backdrop of public outrage over this corruption and the state resources’ mismanagement. 

The foundation of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Allegation of State Capture or the Zondo Commission was after the ombudsman report for the investigation. However, it was mainly focusing on the former administration of Zuma and the three Gupta brothers, all of whom have denied the allegations. The Guptas have fled to Africa upon the ousting of Zuma.

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