Mogadishu (PP News Desk) — The Federal Government of Somalia has taken measures against a landgrab plot in a Shangaani prime real estate neighbourhood of the capital Mogadishu.

Traditional leaders in the Shangaani district thanked the Federal Government leaders and Banadir regional administration for nibbing a land-grabbing plot in the bud.

A plot of land by the sea that was sealed off by a group involved in land-grabbing at Shangaani.

“We are grateful to the President of Somalia, the Prime Minister and Banadir Regional Administration for acting on our complaint about land-grabbing in (the) Shangaani district” said a spokesman for traditional inhabitants of the coastal district.

Shangaani’s Banadiri inhabitants had become aware of a plot to seize real estate by the former Al Uruba Hotel and Museo Garesa where iconic, but now dilapidated Mogadishu buildings are located.

Located in the one-time thriving central Mogadishu district, Shangaani fell victim to the 1990s civil war.

Elders of the marginalised Banadiri community thanked the Somali Government for acting on their complaint.

The Commercial Bank, Jirdeh Hussein buildings, Centro Sportivo, National Printing Agency and other landmark venues are located in Shangaani.

The Banadiri people founded ancient districts in the capital of Somalia and are an integral part of the history and culture on the region.

This article first appeared in the Puntland Post and is republished with permission.

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