SnackVideo Creator ZeeshanBaba

Life’s good when the family is together and laughing, and even more so when your whole family exists to make people laugh.

ISLAMABAD, Feb, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SnackVideo Pakistani creator, ZeeshanBaba, embodies this philosophy as he and his three other brothers film weekly videos on SnackVideo, a popular video platform with everyday Pakistanis.

SnackVideo Creator ZeeshanBaba
SnackVideo Creator ZeeshanBaba

Showcasing rural Pakistan’s natural beauty, ZeeshanBaba’s videos feature comes from his family members and a well-executed storyline. His jokes are tasteful, and his punchlines are popular, as his growing pool of followers can attest.

Self-taught along with his brothers, ZeeshanBaba started out as a software engineer but discovered the joys of comedy creation along the way. Seeing it as a way to bond his family closer together, the four brothers execute a professional approach to content creation. From scripting to shooting and editing, they produce weekly high-quality comedy videos for their followers.

ZeeshanBaba has always yearned for the spotlight, and he found his calling together with his brothers on the platform SnackVideo. “My family and friends love that I’m always available to them on SnackVideo, and if they need something to brighten their day, we are there for them,” says ZeeshanBaba.

SnackVideo and the Creator Academy seeks out promising creators such as ZeeshanBaba to bring more everyday joy to its viewers in Pakistan and beyond. “SnackVideo and the tips from the community really helped me to create high-quality videos,” ZeeshanBaba explained.

“Learning how to use the filters, create interesting storylines and having a supportive community means a lot to content creators like us, as it enables us to have quick feedback on what works and what does not.”

As ZeeshanBaba’s videos continue to touch hundreds of thousands of lives in Pakistan, SnackVideo is fast becoming the platform of choice to glimpse into the lives of such everyday people who bring their aspirations and creativity together on the platform.

As ZeeshanBaba said, “Nothing is more precious than being yourself and loved for who you are, that’s where true laughter and happiness comes from.”

Stay tuned for more upcoming fantastic campaigns at SnackVideo.
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