ISLAMABAD, Feb. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SnackVideo – the up and coming online video posting platform recently organized a campaign, SnackVideo Creator Academy, to find search out the creators of tomorrow.

Winners of the campaign won up to PKR 300,000 each.

Oye Umair, who won the second placed 200,000 PKR already enjoys widespread support and visibility for his content creation from SnackVideo, Pakistan’s fast-growing short video platform.

Prize list
Prize list

Umair rallied his fellow students to produce videos documenting their everyday lives, so that they can create their own “student families” and communities amongst themselves.

Created by students for students, his channel hopes to show a “fresh campus-style” of content to the communities on SnackVideo.

Oye Umair who won the second prize of SnackVideo Creator Academy
Oye Umair who won the second prize of SnackVideo Creator Academy

“SnackVideo has been lifechanging for me,” says Umair. “I found a passion, a calling and a community all rolled into one platform. It has given me skills and opportunities to pursue something I have never even considered before. I am grateful to SnackVideo for allowing me to bring many people together on my channel. I always look forward to receiving hearts and badges from my followers whenever I post a new video!”

Umair brings a refreshing breath of air and energy to the platform.

Together with his classmates, they shoot videos to remind others of their youth and encourage other young viewers. “I really want to share my talent with the world. If I hide it away, I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing,” says Umair.

Such passion and energy drive the team at SnackVideo, who appreciates talent such as Umair immensely.

Through the competition and the growing community voices on the platform, SnackVideo is at the forefront of the growing social revolution in Pakistan.

Creators like Umair bring diversity and original content not found on other platforms, showcasing a glimpse into everyday Pakistanis’ lives. “I want to tell others that SnackVideo can change the lives of many others, just as it did mine, if we are willing to be open and share our views,” Umair adds.

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