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Ukraine is shifting to emergency shutdowns to stabilize its power grid. It happened after missile attacks from Russia on Monday. It affected several regions. Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, made a statement. He also said that about half of the Kyiv region would remain without power in the coming days.

As per regional officials, many missiles hit residential houses and crucial infrastructure. It happened near Zaporizhzhia. As per reports, no casualties took place. The missile attacks on Monday killed 4 people.

The energy minister of Ukraine hoped to reduce the power deficit resulting from the latest strikes. He also brought the nuclear power stations back on the grid.

Ukraine is encountering sub-zero temperatures and snow in several regions. Millions are staying without any electricity or water. People are also afraid that hypothermia may kill them.

Kursk region’s governor said that a drone attack had alighted an oil storage tank. Roman Starovoyt also said that no casualties took place. According to President Zelensky, 70 missile attacks took place on Monday.

As per the Russian defense ministry, it has hit 17 of the intended targets. It has also made use of high-precision weapons for implementing this massive strike.

Cherkasy, Khmelnytskyi, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, and Vinnytsia are facing the highest number of shutdowns. Authorities will also take very necessary steps to restore stability.

The attacks have affected the electricity supplies of many neighboring areas like Moldova. It means Russia’s attacks were not only a threat to Ukraine but also to the whole region.

It was Russia’s 8th biggest missile strike in 8 weeks. Also. it came after warnings that Moscow was planning an assault.

The missile strikes took place after a few hours of a series of explosions. It also took place at 2 military airfields in Russia. It killed 3 servicemen and damaged 2 aircraft at the airfields in Saratov and Ryazan regions.

According to some Western Leaders, the strategy is a war crime. It is because it caused massive damage to the civilian infrastructure.

Credits: BBC

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