Russian Cosmonauts

Russian cosmonauts wore Ukrainian colors to International Space Station. Three men were wearing the color. It also throws a different attitude after the attempts of invasion. American, Russian, and German crew welcomed them.

Russian cosmonauts were on a joint project, The ISS. It is between Russia, America, Canada, Japan, and several European countries. The US-Russian-led project is also on the run for two decades. It is by a US-Russian alliance that has lasted two decades. Even amid varying tensions between the two world powers.

Denis Matveyev, Oleg Artemyev, and Sergey Korsakov of Russia docked at the International Space Station. It was also after a three-hour trip from a Russian-owned station in Kazakhstan.

“Congratulations on the successful docking,” remarked a voice from Russia’s mission control.

Two sets of hatches opened a few hours later, and the three cheerful guys drifted into the space station one by one. They were also wearing brilliant yellow spacesuits with blue accents.

Before takeoff, at least one of the men wore the standard-issue Russian uniform. It is plain blue. However, NASA, the American space agency, and the BBC both live-streamed the event.

“It became our turn to pick a hue,” Mr. Artemyev. He answered on the suits in a live-streamed press conference. People all over the world have used the colors of its national flag. It is to express unity and support. However, the three Russian cosmonauts will begin a six-month science mission. They will also take the place of three current crew members. The other will return to Earth on March 30.

The colors are trendy. The underlying reason for wearing them is still not clear. Is it a symbol of support for Ukraine or opposition? After all, the suits emblazon with Russian flags.

Perhaps neither point of view is correct. The colors signify that all three Russian cosmonauts attended Bauman Moscow State Technical University. It has a similar color scheme. The university has proclaimed that it is a “Bauman crew.”

Credits: BBC

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