Serbian President
Serbian President

You must be aware that there is a war going on between the Russia and Ukraine right now and the whole world is watching it and also going on with their daily lives like nothing is happening out there. To be honest, there is nothing else we can do right now apart from the fact that we can accept the situation and react to it as and when needed. Now, there was a leak in the US which revealed the top secrets of the Pentagon and what it knows about its allies and how much it keeps tracks of its non-allies as well. While these documents are confidential and should not be leaked, it did leak and now we know a lot about the US intelligence.

Having said that, it is worth noting that the leak revealed that Serbia has agreed to supply arms and weapons to Ukraine in its war against Russia. Honestly, it came as a surprise to everyone because Serbia is known to be a ally of Russia. Now, Serbia has reacted to this leak and denied the information as well. Serbian President said “Serbia has not nor will it export weapons to Ukraine,”. He added that the nation “has not nor will it” send ammunition to either Russia or Ukraine.

Serbia is known to be the only other country apart from Belarus that has not joined Western Nations in sanctions against Russia despite being part of the Europe. However, it is also worth noting that Serbia is wanting to be part of the EU and if it wants to do that, it will have to condemn the Russian actions against Ukraine. Serbia has already backed several UN resolutions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

Serbia’s defence minister also reacted to this saying that there is no paper than can tell you about this information and has categorically denied ever willing to supply weapons to either of the nations. The minister also says that someone is wanting to drag Serbia into the war with information such as this but they will adhere to their policies with confidence.

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