Azovstal plant

Moscow officials stated that the last fighters defending the city’s Azovstal plant surrendered. The troops holed up in the huge complex for months. This prevented Russia from establishing complete control over the city. The Russian defense ministry stated the city and its steel plant are now completely got liberated. This was after 531 Ukrainian troops left the site.

Zelensky said the site’s last remaining defenders permitted to leave. After that, the Azovstal plant completely encircled. Russian forces blocked all humanitarian aid from entering. They even bombarded the site from the air. And demanded its remaining defenders put down their weapons.

Many trapped inside were civilians. These include women, children, and elderly people.

They completely evacuated following painstaking negotiations. These coordinated by the UN and Red Cross, which lasted for weeks. But Russia was unable to command complete control over the strategic port city. This was because of the continued refusal of the site’s Ukrainian defenders to surrender.

This also turned the Azovstal plant defenders into national heroes for many Ukrainian defenders. They symbolized the country’s stubborn resistance. As a result, the hundreds of soldiers holed up inside, including marines, the National Guard (including the Azov regiment), and border guards.

Moscow released no information about where the soldiers who left today evacuated. But previous buses sent to Russian-controlled territories. A video released by the Russian defense ministry appears to show a line of unarmed men. They were approaching Russian soldiers outside the plant and giving their names.

The Russians then carefully search each man and their possessions. After that, Ukrainian officials hope they can release as part of a prisoner exchange. But that has not yet got confirmed by Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the soldiers will treat in line with the relevant international laws. But there is concern over what will happen to them if they remain in Russian custody.

Credits: BBC

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