Crimea bridge
Crimea bridge

We know that there is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and we know that both sides are not budging which means that it is going on since more than an year now but no sides have made real progress in their situation right now. It is clear that Russia wants to capture Ukraine but it has been unable to do so and we know that the Wagner coup recently halted their efforts even more as Wagner fighters were most active inside Ukraine. Now, we have a new incident being reported by Russia on the Crimea bridge which links Crimea to Russia and is the only way of transportation between the two parts.

It is obvious that Crimea was also captured by Russia few years back and Ukraine does not want to let Russia use its advantage of Crimea for military operations which is why it seems like they have attacked the bridge with drones, as it did earlier as well. Russia’s transport ministry declared that an “emergency incident” took place on the Crimea bridge and that traffic has completely stopped there. Early reports, as the incident took place just hours ago, indicate that two people lost their lives in the incident as well.

According to Reuters, “Russia’s Grey Zone channel, a heavily followed Telegram channel affiliated with the Wagner mercenary group, reported that there were two strikes on the bridge at 03:04 a.m. (0004 GMT) and 03:20 a.m” It is also worth noting that Serhiy Bratchuk, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Odesa military administration, posted a photo on his Telegram of what seemed a line of the bridge in distance, broken in the middle. It could be the case that the bridge was made to collapse due to the attacks and it is already known that the bridge must have been made weaker due to the attacks on it last year and it looks like Ukraine wants to completely destroy the bridge in order to halt Russia’s advance on it through Crimea. Sergei Aksyonov, a Russian-installed governor, said the emergency occurred on the 145th pillar of the bridge which links the Crimean peninsula to the Russian region of Krasnodar

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