India tunnel rescue operations
India tunnel rescue operations

We know that there are a lot of things going on in the world right now and some of the biggest ones are the war between Russia and Ukraine as well as the one between Israel and Hamas which currently has a ceasefire which got extended by two days. However, there was another major incident that took place in India’s North which was of a partial tunnel collapse and the worst part was that 41 workers were confirmed to be trapped inside the tunnel with no exit possible. This meant that rescue operations were launched in the country to bring out those trapped workers and it was going on since the last 17 days.

There were various problems with the rescue such as the drilling machine failing many times and finally, the backup plan of manual drilling from the top of the tunnel worked and it has been known that the rescue team was able to reach the trapped workers and they will be taken out one by one with the operations taking time because each worker will take bout 5 minutes to be rescued. Uttarakhand CM wrote, “The work of laying pipes in the tunnel to take out the workers has been completed. Soon all the labor brothers will be taken out,”

It is worth noting that the government’s efforts in this incident have been commendable and the families of these labourers were also notified earlier today that the workers will be taken out by today itself. As many as 41 ambulances have been kept on standby for these workers and facilities have been made inside the tunnel as well so that first-aid can be given as soon as they are taken out from the tunnel.

According to a CNN report, “Video broadcast on local television showed jubilant scenes outside the tunnel, with workers smiling and breaking into song after the drilling stopped. An ambulance could be seen driving into the tunnel”. It is reported that “Doctors on site have kept in regular contact with the men inside, giving them tips on how to remain positive and calm. Their families have been gathering at the tunnel exit each day to pray for their safe return”.

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