Taiwan’s capital, Taipei – C: Remi Yuan – Unsplash

TAIPEI, Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the pandemic continues, the Regent Taipei of Silks Hotel Group has upgraded its pandemic fighting standards to those parallel to a government recognized quarantine hotel, with increased cleaning intensity levels and frequency, and contact information recordings in each hotel outlet.

The Regent Taipei has even invested in military-grade infrared thermal imaging thermometers to provide smooth, efficient and accurate entrance area temperature checking for guests.

Regent Taipei upgrades Pandemic Fighting Measures with military grade equipment for the safest guest environment

As the holiday season approaches, the Regent Taipei installed a U.S. military grade FLIR T350 infrared thermal image thermometer, a sensitive and accurate machine to detect the most accurate temperatures as guests walk past entrance points.

This same machine is used at the Executive Yuan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Silks Palace, the Airport MRT and National Taiwan University Hospital, in addition to the Tri-Service General Hospital and many other government agencies and hospitals.

Public health and sanitation experts have also approved cleaning and sanitation best practices to be implemented by the Group Health Safety Head who monitors Regent, Silks, Wellspring by Silks, and Justsleep’s.

All room keys are placed in an ultraviolet disinfecting machine to be disinfected before given to guests, and each room is deep-cleaned, air conditioning filtered, and disinfected with ultraviolet light before guests stay.

Pamphlets have been digitized, and potential hotpots disinfected multiple times – areas including switches, handles, touchscreens, electronic devices etc.

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei – C: Remi Yuan – Unsplash

Restaurant associates records each dining group’s contact information and seating patterns, while the Regent Taipei’s food safety lab checks and tests all food ingredients and products to execute source recording.

Buffet dishes all have transparent protection and every fifteen minutes, buffet utensils are changed.

Staff reminds guests to wear masks, disinfect chairs and tables periodically, and prepare take-out food safety cards to record dish making time using key employee signatures.

The public area too utilizes military-grade infrared thermal imaging thermometers for temperature checks, alcohol dispensers are readily available, and elevators are deep cleaned, while the floor cleaning frequency has been increased making this one of, if not the safest place to stay outside your own home during the global pandemic.

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