Christian Horner
Christian Horner

We know that a lot of fans around the world follow the pinnacle of motorsport that is F1 very religiously and we are sure that the people of Taiwan would be doing it as well. It was known that allegations were put forward against the Redbull F1 team’s boss Christian Horner by his employee regarding sexual misconduct at the workplace which meant that he was “under investigation” which is also a running joke among F1 fans as there are too many warnings of such kind during a race. This time around, the investigation was quite serious and the penalty would mean that Horner would be removed from the team.

Having said that, it was not as easy as it sounded because of the fact that Horner has been there at Redbull F1 team for almost two decades now and he has been there during all their triumphant years during Vettel’s four-time world championship winning era as well as the current era where Verstappen has already won three years in a row. Due to this reason, removing Horner would have meant an instability within the team which would cost them a chance at this year’s championship.

Now that the investigation has concluded, we can tell you that Horner has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing and he will stay as the Redbull F1’s team principal for years to come. However, we are not sure about the employee that alleged these accusations against Horner and whether she is still with the team or not.

Also, the controversy around Horner and Redbull is not stopping here because it has been known that most of the F1 journalists and senior members of F1 as well as FIA, the sporting council of F1, have received a mail containing a Google Drive folder which has all the evidences against Horner. It is known that the folder contains images as well as screenshots of Horner’s chat with the said employee and while we don’t have access to that folder, it is worth noting that the verification of those “evidences” have also not been done so we can’t comment on that.

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