The Russian President is currently in Iran. It is his second International trip after Ukraine’s invasion. Putin met the President of Iran in Tehran. He will also be indulging in a meet and greet with Tayyip Erdogan. It may sound plotting, but Syria and Ukraine have always conflicted grain exports. Visting Iran in the middle of the war, Putin is set on another journey.

US officials put many allegations about Tehran last week. It was going to supply Russia with several drones. Gazprom also came in a partnership with the Iran oil company. It is a $40 million deal. Putin is trying to build a better relationship with Iran since the west outcasted him. It was due to the merciless invasion of Ukraine. Invading one’s neighbor is not always a good thing. Russia lost many resources and business opportunities after the invasion.

However, Putin is all set to show the west how some of his friends, like Iran and Turkey, are still sticking up for him. Russia is the largest country but has a lost economy. It needs urgent deals to stabilize its economy. It is all focused on the three-way summit in Syria. The summit will demonstrate Russian retention of allies and influence both geographically and politically.

To be cautious, Turkey and Iran are not Russia’s friends completely. Turkey and Russia continue on different boats on Syria and Libya topics. They are rivals for imposing influence in South Caucasus. Ukrainian Military got many aids from Turkish drones. And, to speak of Iran, it is competing with Russia to become a leader in the energy market.

The three countries do have things in common, but no one can guarantee a long-lasting relationship. Turkey-Russia is on opposite sides, given the Syria war. And they are trying their best not to move into violence.

The US is backing Kurdish militants, and Iran and Russia continue to backfire against each other on this issue. The new operation is a small part of Erdogan’s plan to create a safe zone.

Credits: BBC

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