After acquiring an American SPAC and joining the OTC Market, Next Meats now calls upon all alt-protein players and environmentally conscious companies for worldwide collaboration.

TOKYO, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Japanese alternative meat company Next Meats Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of its “Next Meats Accelerator Program,” which proposes and serves as a platform to conduct worldwide open innovation among the players in the alternative protein industry as well as all individuals and companies serious about tackling the global climate crisis problem.

This accelerator program aims to unite researchers, experts from all business fields, and companies both inside and outside the alternative protein industry who are serious about counteracting climate change, and together to cultivate worldwide business opportunities that benefit the planet and everyone involved.

The program will be held simultaneously in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Next Meats believes that the fight against climate change can be much more effective and swift if skilled, passionate entities came together and combine their technologies, expertise, networks, and various other resources.

In order to address the urgency of the climate crisis facing humanity on a global scale, Next Meats say they also believe that they must cooperate and rapidly co-create rather than compete for profitability, small market shares, and thus have minimal environmental impact.

For those looking to interact head to the Next Meats Accelerator homepage at: https://nextmeats.co.jp/en-US/accelarator prior to March 31st.

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