President Biden

US President Biden made a statement on Thursday. His statement is supporting California Governor Gavin Newsom. He is urging the voter to vote “no” in the upcoming recall election of Golden State.

Governor Newsom is dealing with both the pandemic and challenges. This is to deliver the residents the economic relief to revive back the financial condition in the state. Hence the president is showing his support to him.

“Governor Newsom is leading California through unprecedented crises. He is a key partner in fighting the pandemic and delivering economic relief to working families, and helping us build our economy back better than ever. He’s taking on the climate crisis and standing up for the rights of women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community,” President Biden said in the statement.

According to President Biden, he knows how to get the job done. He is doing his job rightly. To keep him on his job, California voters must vote on the recall election to keep California moving forward.

Thus he added, “He knows how to get the job done because he’s been doing it. And to keep him on the job, registered California voters should vote no on the recall election by September 14 and keep California moving forward.”

This recall effort against Newsom came up with its launch in January 2020 in response to the pandemic response of the government. It has also led to the closure of businesses and schools. Photographs are also evident that Newsom violated state restrictions during indoor gatherings.

A poll in July has found that 48% of voters support Newsom’s remaining in the office. But 43% of those polled said that they would vote to recall Newsom.

In that poll of Emerson College and Nexstar Media talk show, the poll has also led all the challengers with 16% of the vote ahead of Caitlyn Jenner. A 69-year-old Republican, Elder, whom John Cox follows, is at 6%. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is at 6%. According to the poll, Kevin Kelly and Jenner are at 4% each.

Credits: New York Post

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