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Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki has accused the EU of blackmailing in a heated debate with European Commission chief Ursula Von der Leyen. The clash in the European Parliament is following up a top Polish court ruling. It had rejected the key parts of the EU law.

Mrs. Von der Leyen has said that she would act on preventing Poland from undermining EU values. In response, the Polish PM has rejected the language of threats. He has accused the EU of overstepping its powers.

Poles are supporting being part of the EU. But the right-wing nationalist government of Poland was at odds with the union. Some issues range from LGBT rights to judicial independence.

The latest row has come to a head over a controversial ruling of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal. It also rejects the core principle that the EU law has primacy over the national legislation.

The Polish prime minister has brought this case to light. On Tuesday, Mrs. Von der Leyen had also told the European Parliament that the European Commission was assessing the judgment. She said that the situation needed to be resolved. However, she was adamant.

“This ruling calls into question the foundations of the European Union. It is a direct challenge to the unity of the European legal order.”

Mrs. Von der Leyen haste out three ways the European Commission could respond to the Polish court judgment.

On the other hand, the Polish PM said that Poland is facing attacks from EU leaders. It was unacceptable to talk about the financial penalties.

The tribunal ruling has raised further concerns that Plant could exit the EU in a Polexit.

Earlier this month, more than 100000 people had gathered in Warsaw to support Poland’s EU membership.

However, Donald Tusk, the ex-president of the European Council asked the people to “defend a European Poland”.

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