PM Boris Johnson

A climate summit of world leaders is about to take place in 40 days. PM Boris Johnson says that it will be a ‘turning point for humanity’. He further warned that the ruins of global temperature are inevitable. He has called on his fellow leaders to commit to a major change. It will help them to curb further warming.

He thinks the area of coal, cars, cash, and trees need to be tackled. Countries must take responsibility for the destruction that they are inflicting on us and our planet.

PM Boris Johnson further added that it is the time for humanity to grow up. The Prime Minister further said that it was time to listen to the warnings that our scientists gave. He used the example of Covid-19, which the scientists warned of earlier.

While setting the tone for the November meeting, he said that the countries must come forward to make substantial changes by the end of the decade. It is necessary to save the world from further temperature rise.

He further praised the president of China for his recent pledge to stop the building of any coal-fired energy plants. He called on the countries that produce 28% of the global greenhouse gas emission.

The UK used coal to produce 25% of its electricity five years back. But it is now down by2%. The prime minister also said that he did not see a conflict between capitalism and the green movement.

He added, “The whole experience of the Covid pandemic is that the way to fix the problem is through science and innovation, the breakthroughs and the investment that are made possible by capitalism and by free markets.”

“We have the tools for a green industrial revolution, but time is desperately short,” he added.

The PM has made a series of calls for action for his fellow leaders. He urged them to allow the zero-emission vehicle on sale. Also, he thinks every country must cut its carbon emissions by 68% by 2030. He has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality or net zero by the middle of this century. To end the use of coal must come to an end by 2040. He urged countries to halt and reverse the loss of trees by 2030.

He reiterates that the world must curb the rise of global temperature to 1.5C. The world is already 1C hotter. He further said if we keep up with the current track, then the temperature will go up by 2.7 degrees or more.

Credits: BBC

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