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Peru sees more than double the death toll for covid. It is making the country the world’s highest death rate for each capita. The official death cases have now reached more than 180000, which is up from 69342, in a country with 33 million people.

Violeta Bermudez, the Prime Minister, says that the number is seeing an increase in the advice for the Peruvian and international experts. This was staying in line with the excessing figures of deaths.

The death rates are a measure of how more people are dying from the previous few years.

“We think it is our duty to make this updated information public,” Ms. Bermudez said.

The news came to light on Monday, just six days before Peru is all set to hold a presidential election between Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori.

Peru is one of the worst-hit countries in Latin America. It is resulting in an overstretch in the healthcare systems. They are also facing a lack of oxygen tanks. The nation has registered 1.9 million infections.

Some of the reasons behind it include the absence of fridges in people. The citizens pay regular visits to the shops, markets to store their food. Also, there is overcrowding in the homes and public places.

According to Godofredo Talavera, the president of the Peruvian medical Federation, this death toll is not at all a surprise. Also, their health system is not having the necessary care conditions for the patients.

He continues, “There has been no government support with oxygen, with intensive care beds. We do not have enough vaccines at the moment. The first line of care has not been reactivated. All this makes us the first country in the world in mortality.”

But the experts are saying that Peru is also having problems with its testing regime. It lacks the necessary resources for carrying the widespread molecular tests. During the early days of the pandemic, Peru bought many cheat tests from China. Most of the kits were having the design to test the antibodies and not the COVID virus. Some of the tests were very substandard.

The official number of death cases is now 180764, which is a huge increase in the number. It is causing more than 500 covid deaths in 100000 people. The government, with the working group of experts, is forming an analysis data to revise the figures. Those figures coincide with the anecdotal evidence which is coming from the hospital and ICU across the country. Meanwhile, the vaccination process is quite slow, with various difficulties.

Credits: BBC

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