Partial lockdown

Moscow has imposed a shutdown on shops, schools, and restaurants. It is now issuing a partial lockdown as Russia is battling with the record of Covid infections and deaths.

Only the essential shops like the pharmacies, supermarkets will get the allowance to stay open in the capital. The food outlets will only offer takeaways.

The authorities are also giving the workers across the nation nine days off from Saturday to prevent the spread of infection.

Russia had recently reported a record number of deaths near 1159 from Covid in the past 24 hours. The official data is also revealing that 4096 new infections have taken place in the regions of Russia.

The overall death toll of Russia during the pandemic reached the mark of 230000. The number of deaths in Russia is highest in Europe and also among one of the highest numbers in the world.

However, the statistics of the state last October had predicted that the death toll would be above 400000. It is far higher than the figures of the government.

The proportion of fully vaccinated people in Russia remained low on 23rd October. It was 32.8%. On the other hand, during the deporting of the intensive state vaccination drive, many of the Russian are remaining suspicious of the jab of Sputnik V. It has international recognition as an effective shield against the coronavirus.

The partial lockdown was imposed between 30th October the 9th of November. In this particular period, many of the Russians have decided to go for a vacation. Resort hotels in Egypt are popular destinations for the Russians. They are having full booking while the flights have sold out.

There is also some panic in buying as the new restrictions are imposing. There is also a rush on fish and meat at the central market in Orenburg, a city in Moscow.

Credits: BBC

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