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All residents of Scotland have overnight become organ donors – regardless of religious or other sociocultural concerns – unless they take steps to opt out of the policy.
In a move that had been scheduled to come into play late last year, but was delayed on the back of COVID-19 related problems, the ‘presumption’ that all those dying within Scotland’s borders are willing to donate their organs to others is set to make headlines across the country in the coming days.
C: Adam Wilson – Unsplash
It is also expected to lead to legal challenges.
At present, a mere 1% of registered donors pass away in such a manner as to have their organs in a satisfactory condition for transplant surgery – a figure those backing the new ruling say will now increase.
Those backing the change in the region’s policies – not currently in place across the wider United Kingdom – also say it will lead to an increase in the number of those in dire need of life-saving transplants being able to live full lives.
Prior to today, just over 50% of the population of Scotland were registered as donors.
Any individual wanting to opt out must now go through an online process at the Organ Donation Scotland homepage.

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