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With growing emphasis on virtual learning, online program enablement is more important than ever

Bengaluru: As more schools respond to Covid-19 exposure with hybrid or virtual learning this fall, educational technology providers focus on delivering interactive online learning that engages students.

That is why Construct, a global leader in learning design, announced a new case study highlighting how one school district with nearly 20,000 students has moved to 100% virtual learning while maintaining student engagement.

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Oxnard Union High School District Distance Learning Design Coach Aaron Ferguson working with Canvas and Construct began several years ago, and expected for viable solutions to keep virtual classrooms open even when physical buildings were closed due to wildfires.

“Little did we know how years of emergency preparedness combined with insights from students and teachers would help us respond quickly to a global pandemic. Our student engagement rates remain high, and that is thanks to our amazing teachers, technology partners, and engaging virtual learning environments,” said Oxnard Union High School District Distance Learning Design Coach Aaron Ferguson.

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Distance learning

The case study outlines how a disaster preparedness initiative led to an approach to distance learning that set the stage for the district’s pandemic response.

Working with open technology providers whose offerings integrate well with each other also helped the district customize learning quickly to help teachers deliver memorable lessons to their students.

Canvas Chief Customer Experience Officer Melissa Loble said the company’s approach to learning has always been focused on how it can make teaching and learning easier.

“Our open approach powers technology integrations like the one used by the Oxnard Union High School District to best serve their student population and enable their teachers to humanize online learning and make it have a classroom feel,” said Ms. Loble.

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Online experience

Canvas and Construct have worked together since July 2018, with both companies focusing on improving online learning experiences. Construct is participating in CanvasCon Online on October 15 and is focusing on helping educators improve, align, and reimagine their course activities.

Construct Chief Operating Officer Katie Bradford said the company combines years of pedagogical research with award-winning design to create custom online learning experiences people actually enjoy.

“We consider it an honor to partner with Canvas to help millions of learners and educators have memorable and authentic interactions with online learning,” Ms. Bradford said.

Transformative learning

To register for CanvasCon and reserve a free learning design consultation, visit https://www.constructeducation.com/construct-at-canvascon-online. To read more about how Oxnard Union High School District is improving online learning, visit https://www.constructeducation.com/oxnard-case-study.

Construct enables opportunity through transformative learning experiences that bridge the gap between technology, education, and employment. Since 2013, Construct has challenged the status quo by doing the unexpected—emphasizing the value of quality production and design, both visual and instructional, in educational courses.

With a global team, Construct continues to grow exponentially each year, expanding the team across geography and knowledge to best serve the needs of its growing client base.

This article first appeared in the NFA Post and is republished with permission.

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