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Russian email boxes are continuously pinging with some emails from spam websites. A computer expert from Norway developed a website to make people hear the truth. Russian people can now face the real truth of war. The government has been hiding a lot of issues from the Russian citizen.

This spam website will also enable people to receive war-related news from all over the world. Millions of messages with intriguing titles on the Ukraine-Russia war went to Russian citizens.

The bare truth of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is finally available to its citizens.

Spam website is one of an increasing number of unique methods. It also enables hackers, activists, and ordinary people around the world to reach out to Russians. The internet holds power to evade media bans and censorship.

The idea of a Polish Twitter user to write reviews was also one of the ways. It also featured war to Russian businesses on Google, and Yandex became popular.

Cyber groups claim to have damaged Russian news websites. They came up with slogans urging Russians to “stop Putin.”

The spam website comes from a small team in Norway’s spam email operation. It also appears to have captured the attention of thousands of people. The ones who are looking for methods to help Russians learn about the war.

The civilians have tried their best to urge people to power in defaulting countries. For example, people flew over Germany with leaflets and dropped them out during the Second World War. Spam Websites are also simply a more current method of persuading people to open their eyes.

The 50-year-old Norwegian fears punishment from Russian authorities. He claims it was necessary after growing increasingly concerned. The recent scenario holds the potential of World War Three.

Fabian developed it with the help of five coworkers. They began by scouring the internet for known Russian email addresses. Also, eventually compiling a list of 90 million accounts they believe are still active. He claims that the system’s power resides in encouraging volunteers. They can also utilize their email accounts rather than bulk messaging.

Users can select to contact one to 150 Russians. This has given a new life to the activists fighting for Ukraine.

Credits: BBC

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