North Korean embassy in London
North Korean embassy in London

We know that there is a lot going on in the world right now that it is very difficult to keep track of each and every thing that is happening and we know that it sounds very ignorant but it is what it. There are two wars going on in different parts of the world going on as we speak which are between Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Gaza and we can tell you that all these countries have a rich history which means that no one is going to back down easily. It can also be said that this should have been avoided but this is what we have right now.

Talking about the reason why we are telling you this is North Korea. Yes, North Korea has decided that they will decide as many as 25% of their embassies around the world and this includes their embassy in Spain, Hong Kong and multiple countries in Africa and this will significantly reduce their presence in these parts of the world. It is believed that because of international sanctions, North Korean embassies are unable to make money which is why they have decided to cut costs and close them down.

In another report, “North Korean state media outlet KCNA said the country’s ambassadors paid “farewell” visits to Angolan and Ugandan leaders last week, and local media in both African countries reported the shutdown of the North’s embassies there”. It is also reported that this could “set the stage for what could be “one of the country’s biggest foreign policy shakeups in decades”, with implications for diplomatic engagement, humanitarian work in the isolated country, as well as the ability to generate illicit revenue”.

South Korea said on this matter that “They appear to be withdrawing as their foreign currency earning business has stumbled due to the international community’s strengthening of sanctions, making it difficult to maintain the embassies any longer,” and added that “This can be a sign of North Korea’s difficult economic situation, where it is difficult to maintain even minimal diplomatic relations with traditionally friendly countries”. North Korea will also shut down its embassy in Spain

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