North Korea
North Korea

We knew that North Korea is a dictatorship, which is also one of the very few that are still left today. It is also worth noting that countries like China and Russia are supporting North Korea in many situations which is quite sad to see right now. It is known that the economic situation in North Korea is extremely dire right now because the country does not let anyone communicate with the outside world and it does not import food from outside as well which means that they survive on their own produce which is not enough as of now. There are reports that people in parts of North Korea are dying out of starvation but the North Korean regime is focused on military and defense spending instead of taking care of their citizens. We can also say that the exact picture of the condition in the country will never be known to us as everything is banned in the country so we can’t talk to their citizens and neither can they with us.

Due to this reason, United Nations released a statement on the situation in North Korea. U.N. High Commissioner Volker Türk said that “According to our information, people are becoming increasingly desperate as informal markets and other coping mechanisms are dismantled, while their fear of state surveillance, arrest, interrogation, and detention has increased”. It is also reported that “Despite the COVID-19 pandemic waning, the country’s restrictions have increased broadly. Guards are authorized to shoot any unauthorized person approaching the border. Almost all foreigners, including U.N. staff, are still barred from the country”.

It was also added that “those in North Korea who are caught looking at “reactionary ideology and culture,” or information from abroad, especially from South Korea, have a possibility of now facing five to 15 years in prison. People who distribute that information risk life in prison or a death sentence”. The High Commissioner also added, “This sharply constrains people’s ability to provide for themselves and their families. Given the limits of state-run economic institutions, many people appear to be facing extreme hunger as well as acute shortages of medication.”

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