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Zoom meeting of New Zealand’s council has more than 290000 views on YouTube. People use it to tend to take part and to avoid any disturbance.

Last year April, the Waipa District Council’s finance and cob corporate committee called for a meeting during the lockdown period.

Since then, users have been playing this Zoom meeting at home or at their workplace to create an impression that they are busy.

The council wrote on Twitter that “we’re feeling famous”. The tweet further reads, “After inexplicably going viral on the internet… we’re just as confused as you.”

The footage is one hour and 44 minutes long. It has recorded the discussion on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the tourism industry of the nation.

A YouTuber said that” I have used this meeting six times now”. Another person commented that his wife has asked why the person who is speaking has an accent when they stay in the USA.

“Put this Zoom call on at work, so it looked like I was busy, I was avoiding having to deal with a stressful individual,” wrote another, adding: “AND IT WORKED.”

Other users further included that students have successfully played this footage at their homes to pretend that they are studying.

The Waipa District Council has described this video footage as “innocuous”. Hen Morris, deputy chief executive of the council, said that this video has a high-water mark on its YouTube channel. Their meeting unexpectedly went viral in quite a unique way.

“This video is quite the high-water mark for our YouTube channel,” said Ken Morris, deputy chief executive of the council. “Quite clearly, one of our meetings going viral like this is unexpected.”

The council has posted dozens of other videos on YouTube channels over the years. The majority of those videos have gained a little more than a couple of 100 views.

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