Netflix is now working on its moves about vaccination. Netflix is now all set to make the vaccinations of COVID-19 mandatory for the cast and crew on US TV and in the film production.

The company will require the “Zone A ” personnel actors and the crew in close contact with them, must be vaccinated. Also, other firms like Google have asked their workers to get vaccinated before returning to work. The policy will take place on US campuses, and then it will roll out globally for its144000 employees.

Netflix has also implemented this movie after the new standards, which have been aged between Hollywood unions and studios. It would allow the companies to implement mandatory vaccination policies for all of the key casting members and the crew.

Actor Sean Penn wants this policy to extend for all of the members in the production.  He has recently said that he would not return to work on his drama Gaslit until the complete vaccination takes place. NBC Universal studio backs this drama. He has conditioned that he will not get back to work unless all the cast and the crew are receiving their jabs.

Netflix is making this move after the US Disease Control and Prevention has announced that the mask will need to be worn once again. This is even applicable for those who have been vaccinated properly. It is following a spike in the Covid cases due to the spread of the Delta variant.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said that  “anyone coming to work on our campuses will need to be vaccinated”.

It will not be applicable until the vaccines are widely applicable in the areas. Google will also extend the full reopening of its global campuses from the1st of September to 18 this of October due to the surge in cases. People in such circumstances can apply for work from home until the end of this year. Any of Google’s employees can apply for work from home permanently if they prefer.

Google expects that over time, 60% of its employees will work in the office for a few days. One-fifth of them will be working in the new office locations, and the others will be working from home.

Credits: BBC

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