Nazi camp guard

The former concentration Nazi camp guard got identified as Josef S, jailed for 5 years. His charges include helping in the mass killing of many prisoners. This got reported at Sachsenhausen near Berlin. He is one of the oldest offenders to stand in the court of German. Also, he always stated that he was not the guard.

He found responsible for aiding the murders of 3,518 people. The Nazi camp guard was helping in the wrong work of shooting Soviet prisoners. He was also responsible for murdering people with Zyklon B gas.

The defense will be appealing in a higher court. Sachsenhausen saw the death of thousands of people during World War Two. The cause of their death varies from forced labor and starvation to murder by the SS guard. In addition, around 200,000 citizens remained imprisoned there. This included Political prisoners, Roma, Sinti (Gypsies), and Jews. Josef S said, “I don’t know why I’m sitting here in the sin bin. I had nothing to do with it.

This statement made by him at his verdict in Brandenburg an der Havel. Judge Udo Lechtermann stated that Josef was working at the concentration camp. Evidence confirms his service in the concentration camp. It was from 1942.

Lechtermann said that he, by his own choice, supported the genocide and mass killing under the name of his occupation. The trial for Nazi camp guards became possible only in 2011. It was after John Demjanjuk, an ex-Nazi camp guard, found guilty.

This verdict made a scenario where other individuals who were alive searchable. Also, after four years, the bookkeeper of Auschwitz, Oskar Gröning, jailed.

Other than this, the former concentration camp secretary is on trial. He is currently 97-year-old. Identification of Josef S is still in process. Because of private conventions, no one identified him in Germany. He still claims that he worked as a laborer.

Credits: BBC

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