The government of Myanmar said that it will free 5000+ prisoners jailed for protesting against February’s coup. The military has detained thousands of people during the bloody demonstration after seizing power.

The coup leader Min Aung Hlaing has said that they will release 5636 prisoners for humanitarian reasons. It is coming days after the exclusion of the general from an annual summit of all the regional leaders. He said that the military had not done enough to end the turmoil.

The Association of Southeast Asian nations has agreed to invite non-political representatives from Myanmar.

The incident of the crackdown has killed 1178 people. The police arrested, charged, or sentenced 7355 people during the crackdown on dissent after the ousting of Aung San Suu Kyi from power.

The general has said that they will release the prisoners to mark the Buddhist holiday Thadingyut in October.

“For many different reasons, they participated in violent protests,” he said.

“Among those who have been serving or facing trial, appropriate people will be given a pardon [for] the Thadingyut festival.”

The junta chief insisted that the military leaders committed to peace and democracy. He said that his government has a five-stage plan to restore democracy. The authorities released more than 2000 anti-coup protesters in July.

This prisoner release will mark a full moon festival. This is one of the most significant concessions that the Myanmar general has made since they seized power some months ago. It is not a coincidence that it has been made right after the humiliation of being barred from attending the biggest meeting summit of the region.

It will release 1300 of the convicted. Another 4300 are in custody, waiting for the trials.

Gen Min Aung Hlaing still claims that the election from last November was fraudulent. Gen Min Aung has said that he could accept some of the Asean’s demands unless he can meet Ms. Suu Kyi, a request that the military is still refusing.

Credits: BBC

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