Taiwan CDC coronavirus statistics showing tested, cleared and deaths
CDC Site Screenshot

A third Taiwanese COVID-19 patient died Sunday taking the total deaths caused by the pandemic to three according to government sources.

The deceased was reportedly a man in his 40s according to a Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) spokesperson. It is known that he was confirmed as a carrier of the coronavirus on March 19th after spending around 10 days working as a guide in mainland Europe.

At least three from his tour group are also known to be infected.

National Stats

It is also believed that a further two patients have died in Taiwan during Monday as five deaths are now shown on the Centers For Disease Control website (see pic) with the total of those infected in the country now standing at 306.

To date, a total of 30,777 Taiwanese have been tested, but this number does not routinely cover medical workers, who like all others are only tested after showing symptoms.

27, 378 Taiwanese have been ‘excluded’ by the CDC authorities.

In single day figures Sunday, 867 individuals were tested with 456 ‘excluded’ in figures released at 9.30 am Monday on the CDC site.

The vast majority of new cases in Taiwan are still brought in from overseas by returning Taiwanese nationals infected while traveling or working abroad. So-called ‘community infections’ in Taiwan remain rare.

Social Distancing On The Horizon?

In connected news, it was reported on Sunday that Taiwan’s CECC is now looking to introduce rules on social distancing.

Already a normal part of life in many nations affected by the coronavirus, social distancing has yet to come into effect in Taiwan and popular shopping spots and areas frequented by the public remain largely unaffected by the concept at weekends.

Globally, over 700,000 people have contracted the virus with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson the most prominent head of state so far affected. Britain’s heir to the throne, Prince Charles was also announced to be self isolating after testing positive.

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