Mexico has declared a working people to fight people-smuggling in the path of the truck crash. 54 people died in this truck crash, and the majority of the people were Central American settlers. Meanwhile, councils are attempting to recognize the casualties of the accident. The injured people are still healing in clinics.

The truck smashed over 150 individuals into the truck’s trailer. The truck was reportedly accelerating when it turned on a sharp bend. And it slammed a pedestrian bridge on the main street directing to the Chiapas state capital, Tuxtla Gutiérrez. As per Mr. Ebrard, the working group would interrogate and learn from the clash.

And it also brings justice to the individual’s smugglers engaged in the case. Talking alongside Mr. Ebrard, Guatemala’s Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo instructed the US to subsidize the area to make migration less impressive. But analysts of the Mexican administration say they force settlers to make increasingly difficult trips to avoid the heavy army presence.

Sabina López, who dwells near the area of the incident, said that she had noticed dozens of individuals. The people were crying out in pain; some hooked in the wreckage and others senseless. Inhabitants gave crash survivors mobile phones and water. They also noted that the motorist and an individual with him had seemed to be wounded but had left the site.

The only indications of the huge loss of existence are the burn scars and bloodstains on the highway. There are no cops, no forensic investigators, no emergency services. Also, most of the individuals on the team were from Guatemala.

However, there were others from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Ecuador. Emergency administrators said the casualties included kids. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also noted the country was weakening after the disaster. Hundreds of thousands of settlers left violence and poverty in Central America. They attempt to cross through Mexico every year in a bid to enter the US.

Credits: BBC

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