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A 53 year old, megachurch leader, Naasón Joaquín García, jailed by the Los Angeles court. His crime entitles sexual abuse of girls in the congregation. The megachurch leader will spend 16 years and eight months on this heinous crime. Though, the accused pleaded guilty to the court last week.

He is often called “The Apostle” by his followers. And the Spanish church continues to vouch for him. The church tweeted that it praise the integrity and the conduct towards the duty of the accused. This also means that the Church believes that all the evidence presented in the care is deceiving and completely fabricated.

The megachurch La Luz del Mundo dates back to 1926, founded by Eusebio Joaquín González. He was the grandfather of the current megachurch leader. The Church also offers guiding principles in the region of California. First, the region is inclusive of a great Hispanic populace. However, the arrest of the megachurch leader was at the airport in 2019.

The accused faces 19 charges. The charges involved forced oral copulation to minors. And a lewd act on a 15-year-old child. There was also a plea deal drops various charges of trafficking the minor and rape.

Social Martin filed a lawsuit against the accused. She was a former member of the church. He wants to bring it to the notice of the other that it is more of an institutional crime than the individual. The rape culture is prominent in Church.

With no trial and plea deal, it sends a piece of wrong information to the people. The man was a representing figure, and he misused his power. He is to charge with a maximum penalty. Also, the normal citizen must get to hear what the man has to state for the heinous crime he committed.

However, the megachurch leader misused his power and got the advantage with his prison sentence reduced. It is not fair at all. Susan Medina Oaxaca was the accused assistant. She also brings it to the public that assaults result in serious bodily injuries to the victim.

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