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Dozens of passengers on a crowded bus in south eastern Thailand were killed or injured in a horrific crash early on Sunday morning.

Thailand is known to have some of the worst road conditions in the world with lax law enforcement only adding to overall traffic safety issues, and accidents involving multiple deaths all too common.

At time of typing, the number of those confirmed dead is believed to be 17 with many more injured, some severely, although the numbers are expected to rise.

The collision took place at a site in the largely agricultural Chachoengsao Province, to the immediate east of the Thai capital Bangkok.

Initial reports from Thailand say the collision took place in an area near the busy Khlong Kwaeng Klan railway station. (pictured above)

The bus is being reported by eye witnesses as having been on its way to a religious ceremony at a nearby temple where passengers intended to mark the end of a Buddhist period of Lent. Rescuers tore the roof off the bus to help people escape.

“The death toll we have so far is 17,” a local police chief is being reported as saying with other reports saying the local governor claiming that around 30 people have been injured.


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