SC from the released video

A video of the lost Indonesian submarine crew has been released by the nation’s Navy.

It is understood the video in question, which is believed to have been shot several weeks ago shows a number of the crew singing a popular Indonesian language song called Sampai Jumpa – See you later.

The KRI Nanggala sank on April 19th in waters north of the popular tourist island of Bali in waters said to be around 800 metres deep.

It has now been confirmed the submarine has broken up under water although an exact cause is still being investigated.

All 53 members of the crew are confirmed as having been killed.

“Even though I’m not ready to be missing you, I’m not ready to live without you. I wish all the best for you,” the crew sing in the video, accompanied by sub commander, Heri Oktavian, playing a guitar.

In the wake of the tragedy, President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo has called the crew Indonesia’s “best patriots” and followed it up by saying the nation would support the children of the crew throughout their education.

“The country will award them (the submariners) by promoting them one rank higher and awarding them with a star medal for the services and contribution of these warriors,” the president said. “The government will also sponsor the education of the… crew members’ children until their bachelor degrees.”

Back at the site of the loss, naval authorities are planning to salvage the vessel which has broken into at least three pieces, in addition to the remains of the crew.

SC from the released video
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