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A draft agreement at the COP26 climate summit is watering down the promises to end the use of coal and fossil fuel. The country is racing to reach a deal after two weeks of talks.

Though the language around fossil fuels has softened, the inclusion of the commitment in a final deal can be seen in the form of a landmark moment.

The deal needs to be agreed upon from the end of the summit, which is now in its final hours. The UN meeting is quite crucial for limiting the effect of global warming. The draft agreement is following up-all-night talks. It is also asking for a much greater deadline for the government to reveal its plans.

Also, it is strengthening the support for the poorer countries who are fighting climate change. Negotiation over a final deal can stretch late into Friday or even longer. On Friday the UN chief Antonio Guterres said that COP26 might not achieve its aim. However, the goal to limit global warming to 1.5C.

Scientists have said that the limitation of warming to 1.5C compares to the pre-industrial level that can protect from the most dangerous impact of climate change. It is working as the key part of the Paris agreement for which most of the countries have signed up.

Prof. Jim Watson at University College London has said that the draft agreement is encouraging for all the elements. But it was not ambitious enough overall. A previous agreement’s version calls upon the party to first accelerate the phasing out of coal and the subsidies of fossil fuels.

The draft requests that the countries need to submit their plan known as NDCs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, to adapt to climate change with next year’s summit.

It could be better, and it needs to be better, according to Jennifer Morgan of Greenpeace International.

“But there’s wording in here worth holding on to, and the UK presidency needs to fight tooth and nail to keep the most ambitious elements in the deal,” she says.

The draft agreement is also calling for a coverage decision. The government and the representatives are negotiating for the details of the first draft on Wednesday.

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