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Palestine holds a lot of ancient mystery in its core that keeps revealing itself over time. The authority of Palestine has recently found something quite interesting. They have recently found one of the largest floor mosaics in the globe. The authority has found it in the acuity of Jericho it is occupied West Bank. The large floor mosaic has some impeccable historical value.

The mosaic at Hisham’s Palace took five years to be restored. The cost of re-topping is valuing an amount near about $12 million.

The floor mosaic dates back more than 1000 years. However, Hisham’s Palace was rediscovered during the 19th Century.

Since then, art has remained neglected. However, in 2016 a Japan-funded restoration effort came up with its launch to work on these pieces.

There are plenty of interesting facts relating to the floor mosaic. The size of this mosaic panel is big enough. It has an approximate size of 835 square meters. This floor mosaic continues at least more than 5 million mosaic pieces. There are also renditions of plenty of small mosaic stones.

The officials of Palestine are hoping for something big for this mosaic floor. They are hoping that this floor can turn up to be a major attraction for other tourists in the region. There are plenty of ancient tourist attractions, which makes Palestine the central focus of many travel enthusiasts. The discovery of this huge mosaic will add up to its collection further.

Hisham’s Palace is a desert castle that boasts Islamic architecture and culture. This castle belongs to the Umayyad Dynasty. The old dynasty lasted during the period between 660 to 750 AD.

The artistic collection of ancient mosaic creations are huge in this world. This discovery shows craftsmanship and the artistry of ancient people and culture. Hence, it is the addition of another feather to the crown of Palestine.

Credits: BBC

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