Kylie Rittenhouse

The authorities arrested teenager Kylie Rittenhouse for the murder and attempt to murder of two whites and one white, respectively. The victims were Joseph Rosenbaum (36), Anthony Huber (26), and Gaige Grosskreutz (27). He shot dead the first two and seriously wounded the last one. He used a military rifle AR-15 for the act. They had charges of intentional homicide along with five others.

The accused claims to shoot them in self-defense and. He was recently cleared off of the murder. The release sparked a debate of the race, dividing the US. It was on this note Eddie S. Glaude Jr had said in the Washington Post, “No black teenager who kills two people and leaves one seriously injured, would be treated, no matter what the law says about self-defense, like Rittenhouse. He would be dead.”

Additionally, Van Jones of CNN has stated that this decision has made clear to the Black citizens of the country’s duality.

In defense, Kylie Rittenhouse has been very clear about his case being away from anything to do with race. He has also claimed to have an avid supporter of the BLM movement to Fox News. Also, he said that those arsonists who had razed the businesses in Kenosha at the time of the previous year’s riot had taken undue advantage of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

He added, “I agree with the BLM movement. I agree everybody has the right to protest and assemble. But I do not agree that people have the right to burn down; I don’t appreciate that people are burning down American cities to try to spread their message. I think there are other ways to go around and do that.” He even pointed out the prosecutorial misconduct, which he claims to be present in not only his case but many others too.

Joe Biden had tweeted a video during the prior year’s election campaign. This video apparently hinted towards Mr. Rittenhouse’s relation to the white supremacists. But then, there was no evidence to support it.

Credits: BBC

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