Kim Jong-un

North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un has stated that he will prioritize the faltering economy this year as the nation confronts a great life-and-death battle. He was talking at the end of a main ruling party conference. A self-imposed Covid-19 blockade has left North Korea battling with food inadequacies. However, there was no straightforward remark of South Korea or the US in his lecture.

Mr. Kim asserted rising development and enhancing individuals’ living norms was the primary task. He accepted the tough circumstance in 2021. He also set a crucial job for making extreme improvements in solving the housing, clothing, and food housing problem for the individuals. The official KCNA or Korean Central News Agency published this.

He noted that fighting the corona pandemic was one of the primary objectives for the next year. They should start emergency infectious prevention work as a main priority in the nation. But he also added that Pyongyang would proceed to enhance its safety capabilities because of a rising unstable martial setting on the Korean peninsula.

He was reciting at the end of the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK). It started on Monday. There was news earlier in 2021 that individuals in the nation were going hungry.

Next year leader Kim Jong-un frequently feared North Korea’s dire food shortages and economic situation. These things were once again in the attention at the leading Workers’ Party’s year-end plenum. Kim’s priorities include the enactment of the federal economy plan, rural improvement. It also includes progressing “scientific farming” presently to remind residents that their ruler is prioritizing their requirements.

Kim’s new year lectures have recently encompassed statements to the US and South Korea. However, there were no detailed remarks this time. At the end of the previous year, China, South and North Korea, and the US agreed in law to announce a legal end to the Korean War, which stopped in an armistice.

Credits: BBC

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